The celebration of midsummer night has a very long tradition coming from ancient pagan rituals.

In Krakow and its vicinity Midsummer Night was celebrated as in other regions of Poland; the custom of bonfire burning was more connected with Pentecost, most probably because church officials wanted to adapt the customs of that magic night to the Christian tradition. After the great fire of Krakow in 1850 the midsummer celebrations were moved to the riverside of the Vistula and conjoined with the other tradition of laying garlands on water (garlands – on Polish WIANKI). On that magic night marriageable girls wove garlands and lay them on river waters; thus their fortune was told: whether they were to be married soon or become spinsters. Initially the garlands were made of hay with interwoven fresh flowers; the hay was set on fire before the garland was put on the water. In later days girls wove garlands of herbs and wild flowers and put a candle inside.

The Garlands/Wianki are very popular in Krakow and collect thousands of citizens who like to see beautiful firework.

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This year the midsummer night falls on Saturday 24, June exact during our conference. Therefore we proposed you to take the participation at this late evening event  (starting after 8.30 p.m.) with snacks and wine on the barge on the Vistula river. The cost (reduced for conference participants) is 50 zł (10 Euro) per person payable at the conference desk. Because the number of places is limited you are asked for preliminary reservation using the following link:


The prebooking is based on the principle first come first served. The dead-line for registration expires May 4th, 2017.

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Midsummer night & Garlands / Wianki