Wszystkie fotografie posegregowane tematycznie:


22.06.2017 Thursday, Opening Ceremony
22.06.2017 Thursday, Workshop
23.06.2017 Friday
23.06.2017 Friday, Concert
23.06.2017 Friday, Underground Krakow
24.06.2017 Saturday
24.06.2017 Saturday, Concert
24.06.2017 Saturday, Salt Mine
25.06.2017 Sunday


Wybrane galerie:


22.06.2017 Opening Ceremony


22.06.2017 Workshop


23.06.2017 Concert & Reception Party


23.06.2017 Lectures


24.06.2017 Lectures


24.06.2017 Concert in St. Mary’s Basilica


24.06.2017 Midsummer Night / Garlands




Common Photos



Nagrania filmowe:


Lecture of Prof. A. Bronk
„The Notion of Progress and the Limits of Knowledge”



Lecture of Prof. G.Wojcik
„Artificial Brain”



Round Table Discussion
„Quo vadis Science?”



The Closing Ceremony of the Conference
and Giving away of Prizes