Opening Ceremony & Excursions

Dear friends,

In a few days starts our conference Limits of Knowledge and we wait you in Krakow.

On our website you find all useful information concerning the accommodation, arrival, schematic maps etc as well as the program of the conference.

Those who registered for excursions will obtain an appropriate information by separate mail.
In the first line it concerns the city sightseeing on Thursday June 22. The time for other excursions is given in the table below.

The conference office is located at the AGH University of Science & Technology (Aleja Mickiewicza 30, Main Building A0). The Building is easy to recognize because the big sculptures of miners and steelmen at the entry and statue of St. Barbara on the roof.
The conference office works on Thursday, June 22 from 10 until 15 o’clock (the time 9-10 o’clock is reserved for young scientists who participate at the special workshop starting at 10 a.m.).
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the office will be opened from 8 o’clock in the morning.

The opening ceremony will be held in
Juliusz Slowacki Theater (Plac sw. Ducha 1)
at 16 o’clock.

Those who are unable to register and receive invitations and badges (for example due to late arrival) will be admitted to the Theater on the basis of a list of participants.

 DateLanguageTime & Meeting Point
AThursday, June 22
City sightseeing
English Group A-1
German Group A-2
8.30 Polonez
8.40 Ibis (also for Krakowiak)
Polish Group A-310.25 before National Museum
BFriday, June 23
City sightseeing
English Group8.45 Conference Office
CFriday, June 23
Underground City Museum
Polish Group C-1
English Group C-2
11.30 Main Square at Old City Hall Tower
English Group C-3 12.00 Main Square at Old City Hall Tower
DSaturday, June 24
Salt Mine Wieliczka
English Group8.30 – Parking in the front of AGH Library
ESaturday, June 24
National Park Ojców & Pieskowa Skała Castle
English/Polish Group8.50 – Parking in the front of AGH Library
FMonday, June 26
Postconference tour
Dunajec River
English/Polish Group8,00 from the hotels

The priority to participate in the excursions have the registered persons.
The registration during the conference will be also possible – but only if vacancies would be at the disposal.

You are asked to make the payment for the excursions (Wieliczka, Ojców, Dunajec River) as well as for Garlands/Wianki on Th or Fr at the conference office.

See you in Krakow!
The Organizers

Social Program – excursions

In February you were invited to make the preliminary registration for the sightseeing excursion in Krakow. Unfortunately, due to changed museum opening hours we must change the plan and therefore we will ask you to renew your registration.

Please visit the section Social Program

Dead-line: Saturday June 10, 2017.

Midsummer night & Garlands / Wianki

The celebration of midsummer night has a very long tradition coming from ancient pagan rituals.

In Krakow and its vicinity Midsummer Night was celebrated as in other regions of Poland; the custom of bonfire burning was more connected with Pentecost, most probably because church officials wanted to adapt the customs of that magic night to the Christian tradition. After the great fire of Krakow in 1850 the midsummer celebrations were moved to the riverside of the Vistula and conjoined with the other tradition of laying garlands on water (garlands – on Polish WIANKI). On that magic night marriageable girls wove garlands and lay them on river waters; thus their fortune was told: whether they were to be married soon or become spinsters. Initially the garlands were made of hay with interwoven fresh flowers; the hay was set on fire before the garland was put on the water. In later days girls wove garlands of herbs and wild flowers and put a candle inside.

The Garlands/Wianki are very popular in Krakow and collect thousands of citizens who like to see beautiful firework.

More about this tradition you can read at

This year the midsummer night falls on Saturday 24, June exact during our conference. Therefore we proposed you to take the participation at this late evening event  (starting after 8.30 p.m.) with snacks and wine on the barge on the Vistula river. The cost (reduced for conference participants) is 50 zł (10 Euro) per person payable at the conference desk. Because the number of places is limited you are asked for preliminary reservation using the following link:


The prebooking is based on the principle first come first served. The dead-line for registration expires May 4th, 2017.

The organizers

Announcement No. 3

Dear participants of the Conference,


The sudden death of Dr. Heinrich Pfeiffer plunged us all in deep sorrow. Unfortunately, he will not be with us, but still the memory of him, and recalling the words of Cicero Vita Mortuorum in memoria est vivorum posita we want to make our memory of Heinrich became the keynote of the Conference.

Here we send you some important organizational information, and we ask you to make the final registration and booking of accommodation.Please make the registration through the conference website by selecting the



Announcement No.2

Cracow, 6 th November 2016

Dear Humboldtians,

Thank you very much for the submitted pre-registration. Our idea of the conference was met with great interest and more than 160 Humboldtians and 60 young researchers have already registered. Together with the invited lecturers and accompanying persons it gives approximately 300 participants from 30 countries.