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Public Transport

Kraków has an extensive network of bus and tram lines. Tickets can be bought from newspaper kiosks, ticket vending machines (located near some bus stops and often inside buses) or from a bus driver (with an additional charge). The regular price of a normal, single journey ticket is 2.80 PLN (for 20 minutes) or 3.80 PLN (for 40 minutes). Special fare tickets are required for buses to and from the airport. They are called Aglomeracyjne and cost 4.00 PLN (single journey) or 5.00 PLN (valid 1 hour and change of bus/tram is allowed). On boarding, tickets should be validated by punching. There are a lot of various discount fares, especially for multi journeys (for example you can buy a ticket valid for one week, one weekend, or one day – 24 hours). The fares as well as the schedule of the city buses and trams can be found at


Balice airport bus/train transfer

Krakow Balice Airport is twelve kilometers from the center of the city and is easily accessed by bus.

The bus lines 208, 252 (daytime services) and 902 (operates through the nighttime) connect the airport with the railway station.

From the railway station, the airport can also be reached by train. The train service is provided by Company Koleje Małopolskie and links Krakow railway station (Krakow Glowny) and the airport. Travel time is about 30 minutes.

More detailed information on how to reached the airport can be found at its website:

and search routes



The following companies provide 24 hours service:

+48 12 196 33, +48 12 196 88

+48 12 196 61

+48 12 196 25